The LIVE MORE Mastermind
2018 ENROLLMENT for TIER 1 AND TIER 2 options is NOW OPEN!
(Inside the brochure you'll find all details, investment, and enrollment info!)
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THE LIVE MORE MASTERMIND is a 6 month journey for the passionate, driven, entrepreneurial women who desire a 
wildly successful business AND deliciously joyful life.
January - June 2018
What if you created a business that reached 100% of your goals in a way that works FOR your ideal lifestyle?  Not against it.
Imagine what would be possible with an empowered and connected tribe of like-minded women, a mentor crazy dedicated to success (on your terms), and a full 6 months filled with passionate support and a heap of accountability.
IMAGINE kicking off 2018 by spending quality time devoted to yourself, your highest priorities + desires, and your ambitious (yet totally conquerable!) business + life goals, fully supported by a REAL PLAN to make it happen
The LIVE MORE Mastermind is for the woman who wants it ALL. 
A successful business.  A life she loves.
Intentionally creating a business that works FOR her ideal lifestyle.
And it's time to not take on this journey ALONE anymore. When you join the Live More Mastermind, you're committing not only to yourself, but to a tight-knit circle of passionate and driven women who will be dreaming big and taking action right along side you. 

Connection. Community. Inspiration. Respect. Love. Support. Mastermind.
There are 2 Enrollment Options ...
The TIER 1 Option
  • Designed for women entrepreneurs with established clients/customers.
  • Generating between 20-100K in yearly revenue (or have solid plans to be in that range quickly).
  • Seeking both 1:1 personalized strategy and the camaraderie of a sisterhood of peers.
  • Have a ultimate big picture goal of generating 6-figures (+) in 2018.
The TIER 2 Option
  • Designed for women entrepreneurs pre-clients/customers or with just a few.
  • Currently in the pre-revenue stage or generating less than 20K yearly revenue.
  • Seeking a strong group coaching program for personalized support, feedback, and strategy.
  • Have a ultimate big picture goal of scaling up to generating a full-time income in 2018. 
The Live More Mastermind includes ...
  •  INSPIRED MONTHLY (6) MASTERMIND CALLS: Each month we'll meet up virtually to celebrate wins, troubleshoot struggles, and support each other in our journey through business and life! We'll get real, share our successes, ask for help, and continue to grow + learn together! 
  • MONTHLY (6) GUEST EXPERT CALLS: What better way to grow than to learn from the best? I'll be bringing to you 6 guest experts skilled in niches ranging from strategic business growth to empowered life strategies (think Adrienne Dorison, Lisa Carpenter, Kyla Roma, Jessica Rodgriguez, etc.). We'll expand our minds, our understanding, and our networks as we grow together with some of my favorite experts in entrepreneurship.
  •  PRIVATE COMMUNITY OF COMMITTED + PASSIONATE WOMEN: During our time together we'll cultivate relationships meant to last much longer than this mastermind! You'll be joining a private online Slack group that will give you quick and easy access to me, and your other mastermind sisters for community, feedback, and plenty of supportive energy! 
  • ACCESS TO ALL COURSES AND PROGRAMS: As member of the mastermind you'll receive access to all of my current courses and programs (think Pintastic Profit Plan 2.0, Evergreen Sales School, etc.), plus you'll receive complimentary enrollment in all new  courses/programs created Nov. '17 through June '18. When you're in this mastermind, you're in my inner circle and I want you to be a part of it ALL! :)
  • 6 MONTHS OF GROUP THEMES + ASSIGNMENTS: Sometimes you need a little community support + accountability to take action! We'll dive into several of my favorite business-building and personal growth books, sharing our understandings and taking part in journaling and assignments meant to challenge + change your life for the better.
PLUS based on your enrollment option you'll receive ...
  •  MONTHLY 1-ON-1 COACHING WITH SUMMER TANNHAUSER: Time to dig deep + get specific to YOU! You'll schedule (6) 1-on-1 40 minute calls with me over our 6 months together, during which we'll do a deep dive into the challenges, successes, and next steps for your specific business + life goals. Personalized just for you!
  •  UNLIMITED ACCESS AND REVIEWS VIA VOXER + SLACK: I'm here for you and your business with a 100% commitment, and you'll have the opportunity to reach out for support, feedback, and ideas whenever you need it.  With unlimited access to connect with me on both Voxer + Slack, you'll never feel alone on this journey again.
  •  ONE 1-ON-1 60 MINUTE INTENSIVE WITH SUMMER TANNHAUSER: This hour long intensive 1:1 strategy session can be scheduled at any point during our time together! We'll explore your individual business goals, determine the bottlenecks holding you back, and create a detailed action plan to break through and create massive growth.
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS VIA SLACK + ONE IN-DEPTH REVIEW EACH MONTHI want to you constantly feel supported on our 6 month group coaching journey. That means you have access to ask questions through our private Slack channel at any time, AND you'll get 1 in-depth content review per month (think sales pages, email sequences, etc.)
If you're ready to kick off 2018 finally taking real action towards your entrepreneurial + life aspirations, then I can't wait to guide you on this journey!
Live More Mastermind FAQs 
How much time should I plan on commiting to this experience?
However much time you need. :) This mastermind is FOR you. Showing up, doing the work, connecting with your mastermind sisters, diving into the monthly themes + assignments, being prepared for our 1:1 and/or group calls, giving love and support to the others in the group ... it's all designed to be a part of the experience.  I'm looking for a group of women that is commited to making this a priority in their lives, because ultimately it's up to YOU to get out of this experience exactly what you need! 
Will the mastermind group calls and guest expert calls be recorded?
Yes, absolutely. Totally private recordings and for our group's eyes only. If you can't make something, I'll put out a call in advance for questions, successes, requests for feedback, or whatever you might need.  We'll cover it on the call, and you can watch the recording later. However, the more you can commit to showing up live, the more you'll take out of this experience. Promise. :)
When will you offer something like this again?  I'm not sure if I'm ready ...
I'm not sure yet.  From a place of being completely transparent I can't promise anything reselming this offer in the future beyond this current experience.  That's just my life right now! And I promise ... if you're reading this ... you're more than likely "ready." You can be confident that every other person who joins our group will be having the same mindset gremlins showing up.  We're all in the same boat. :)
What trainings + courses + digital products are included? 
Here's the thing ... this mastermind experience is NOT focused on content or formal trainings.  If you're looking for that, then perhaps an online course or digital product would be a better fit.  Yes, you will complete access to my current products/courses as needed, as well as all new programs created from Nov. '17 - June '18. But my intention is for this mastermind to be a place of personalized strategy, accountability, group camaraderie, and ultimately your favorite place to show up, be heard, and get the feedback, guidance, and support that you need! We're doing business + life together. This is meant to be your place of happiness!
I'm in the starting stages of my biz + am not bringing in money yet.  Should I join? 
I want this investment to feel GOOD for you. That's why I've created 2 enrollment options based on your stage in business. I need you to have the cash flow so that this is not a huge burden or stressor in your life. The suggested revenue ranges help you to understand which enrollment option might be the best fit, but ultimately each person's situation + life is different, so only you can make the right choice.  However, I know that the women joining our group will be confident in their 2018 business growth and EXCITED to invest in this experience! This is 4-figure investment for the 6 month experience with the 2 different enrollment levels and several different extended payment plan options available. 
YES, I am looooovvving this so far.  What's the next step? 
YES! I'm so excited to meet you! Go ahead and instantly download the Information Packet HERE . Inside you'll find all of the details on both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 enrollment options, your investment for each, and how to enroll! Any questions? Email me: [email protected]!
From Me to You ... 
I've got a feeling that you're an incredible woman, who is fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit that continues to drive you, motivate you, and inspire you every day. But you don't only want to build a successful business that helps you meet all of your out-of-this-world (yet you WILL achieve them!), big thinking dreams.

 Just as important to you is the lifestyle that you're creating. You have a growing sense of how important it is go after what you truly want when it comes to your life.  And you're constantly striving to align your entrepreneurial dreams with your ideal life.


Maybe it's the individualized, high-level support from a mentor who's devoted to your success. Maybe it's the sisterhood of other passionate, driven women who are on a similar life path, and totally "get it".  Maybe it's the motivation to keep pushing forward each + every day.
I understand. That's why I created The LIVE MORE Mastermind.
ENROLLMENT for both TIER 1 and TIER 2 options IS OPEN FOR 2018!
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